Amanda Tiffin Jazz singer arranger pianist composer


Amanda is one of Cape Town’s best-loved pianist-vocalists. A versatile artist, Amanda has performed in varying genres: from Musical theatre and stage shows to intimate jazz concerts.  read more 


Amanda has recorded 3 solo albums, 2 albums with Asia-based a.s.k trio, and has appeared on various other recordings by other artists and groups as both vocalist and pianist. Take a listen to her music here..


Amanda is an experienced arranger, composer and orchestrator, and has written for a wide variety of settings from small vocal ensemble to full orchestra. Listen to some examples & find out more...



Amanda’s four-year journey is now a reality as she launches Consideration, her 5th Album, in collaboration with artists from South Arica and Scandinavia. Amanda features on the album with Shannon Mowday (saxophone and bass clarinet), Andrew Lilley (piano) from South... read more