Artscape Youth Jazz Concert

Artscape Youth Jazz Concert

Artscape Youth Jazz Concert

Friday JUNE 30
Amanda Tiffin – Musical Director

This event showcases the hottest young jazz talent who perform alongside industry professionals who have mentored them through a 10-week development programme.

Greetings and felicitations for 2017!

Greetings and felicitations for 2017!

Greetings and felicitations! And best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!


I have been very very quiet in the last long while, and very lax in the newsletter update department. New Year’s resolution number one for 2017 is to keep the updates coming in regular fashion!

The last couple of years I have been largely focussed on my teaching at UCT, along with other Youth Development projects, with not as much performing.
This year I hope to increase the performing side of things, alongside the teaching. There are some very exciting projects in the pipeline, so do watch this space and come support some live music.

Amanda Tiffin & Marc Hendricks

I have been hard at work on the other side of the mic, so to speak, wearing my producer’s hat for a brand new album from singer-songwriter Marc Hendricks.
The first single will be released end of January/early February, and I can’t wait for the world to hear this man’s magic voice and soulful music. You’ll hear my voice on a few tracks, but my main task has been to shape the music, producing and arranging, and it has been a fabulous journey so far. The album will launch in April with a concert in the Artscape Theatre.

I continue to work with guitar-maestro Dave Ledbetter, and we are hoping to release a recording this year.
We are planning two very exciting collaborations: the first with accordionist, pianist, and composer from Brazil, Guillherme Ribeiro, with a performance at the SAJE Conference in Cape Town in March.
Later in the year we will be joining forces with French musicians Olivier Cahours (guitar) and Déborah Tanguy (voice) for a two-guitar-two voice extravaganza.
Watch this space for details of performances.

My latest album, Consideration, is available for download from iTunes or if you are an old fashioned soul like me, you can order a CD.
Send an email to to place your order.


7 January
Amanda Tiffin Trio L’Ormarin’s Queen’s Plate, Kenilworth Races

11 January, 8pm
Amanda Tiffin trio with Andrew Ford
The Crypt Jazz Restaurant

13 January, 6pm
Amanda Tiffin & Dave Ledbetter Duo (Facing South)
Westin Grand Hotel

See my CONCERTS & EVENTS Page for more information.



Amanda’s four-year journey is now a reality as she launches Consideration, her 5th Album, in collaboration with artists from South Arica and Scandinavia.

Amanda features on the album with Shannon Mowday (saxophone and bass clarinet), Andrew Lilley (piano) from South Africa, Erik Nylander (drums) and Putte Johander (bass) from Sweden. All are highly accomplished jazz musicians recognised internationally.

It all began in 2011 when Amanda and Shannon shared their common experiences:  the difficulty in finding the right combinations of musical abilities and personalities in their bands.  After many intense discussions Shannon suggested they select musicians from each of their spheres and try collaborating.   The album was subsequently recorded in Cape Town in 2011, followed by several successful concerts.


Says Amanda,Consideration is very special to me as it has taken four years to complete. There are nine songs, eight of my own original compositions, one jazz standard by Cole Porter. The compositions reflect a hybrid of influences that have shaped my musical expression over the span of my career thus far: jazz, pop, African rhythm and melody, some vocal inflections typified by the stylings of Zimbabwean artists Oliver Mtukudzi and Thomas Mapfumo.’


Buy the Album on itunes